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                                                                            Mechanical watches quality improvement project

                                                                            Release date: 2013-10-18   Source: Shanghai Jing He industy

                                                                            October 18, 2013 chairman Wang Xinhe, Xu Renjie executive vice president with the participation of Chinese watch Association's "mechanical watches quality improvement project" Summit meeting.

                                                                            The conference is to promote quality improvement of mechanical watch movement, to carry out research work related to the quality movement. Our leaders on October 18 to participate in the "Mechanical watches quality improvement project" Summit Conference held in Dandong, Liaoning Province, heard a senior adviser Watch Association Deming describes the ratio of enterprise innovation management, product structure adjustment, product size and product mix, lectures division of labor and other specialized production philosophy, the Division I leader during the meeting also focused on talking about the mechanical watch quality research, technological innovation and the development of ideas.

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