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                                                                            Shanghai Jing He industrial Co.,LTD. To participate in Volkswagen Fourth Economic City in 2014 ,”Volkswagen City” Cup Games.

                                                                            Release date: 2014-05-18   Source: Shanghai Jing He industy

                                                                            On May 18,2014, organizde by Shanghai Volkswagen City Economic development center of the city “Volkswagen City”  cup games grand opening in the drizzle, attenden the opening ceremony of a total of 27 teams,449 athletes,our company also signed up for basketball,chess,lanyards,eight people running leggings in four projects,including eight people running leggings of the team race won the first individual chess tournament won the first and the fifth,the lanyards of man group won the second and its woman group made sixth good grades.

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