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                                                                            2014.8.19 Jing He Industrial Corporate Culture Training

                                                                            Release date: 2014-08-19   Source: jinghe
                                                                            "Training is the biggest benefits" .Similarly, training is also an important part of corporate culture, and training is  indispensable key link in enterprise development. Training not only by improving the staff's initiative, enthusiasm and creativity so as to improve the efficiency of the enterprise and value, also can increase staff to enterprise culture, strengthen the teamwork between the employees.
                                                                            To further promote the corporate culture, the first training course on August 19 in the afternoon in the company's multi-media conference room, invited Cai Jian teacher who is the corporate trainer to coach and training .Company leadership from the top to the middle and workshop, department backbone, etc. A total of 68 people attended the training.
                                                                            The training from several corporate culture stories and cases as  entry points to elaborate teamwork, responsibility and execution which  played an important role in daily work . Teacher's classes were lively fun and closed to the life. So that the whole training atmosphere active, the majority of employees throughout attention was focused on the teacher, and actively participate in interactive classroom, making the training received good results.

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