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                                                                            Shanghai Jing He industrial co., LTD. Has been 12 years, "care for today's talent, is the love of Jing He`s the fate of tomorrow, today's talent reserves, are wealth accumulation Jing He `s tomorrow", this is Jing He industrial consistent talent concept.

                                                                            As early as 10 years ago, Jing He industry began a targeted and systematic introduction of college graduates, good at discovering fellow wizards talent strategy, and actively contact with relevant institutions and markets, hooks, entrust training needed for the company research and development professionals, grab talent.

                                                                            In order to attract more excellent talents to join, strengthening independent research and development strength, the company selected in Shanghai set up a research and development department.On the one hand, the company through the platform, recruiting talents converging in Shanghai, and working in Shanghai university students provide comfortable working and living environment;Company every year, on the other hand, the introduction of a batch of excellent talent of industry, let them go directly to work on the line, this not only for college students and industry provides a good platform for the exercise, also injected fresh blood into the company.

                                                                            Only good at build jobs growth environment for all kinds of talents, talent resources will not be wasted, potential and advantages will gradually release.Company human resources department specially designed a set of accord with Jing He industrial echelon personnel training plan, and the key positions and designed set up talent pool and individual career planning, provides key position talents with equal merit of entrepreneurship, innovation and development platform.It is in these talents, under the strong support of the years, Jing He people have completed the new product development and design of the project.A group of high-tech products has come out.Now, in the fertile soil of "Jing He" moist, a new era with the breath of management, research and development, production management personnel are thriving, soaring, signal Jing He more colorful tomorrow.

                                                                            Job Department Hiring The release date Details
                                                                            College students' reserve cadres The production workshop 18 people 2014-06-16 view
                                                                            Technical workers The production workshop Ten people 2014-06-16 view
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